Move to the cloud and upgrade to SAP HANA in as little as 48 hours


Learn how AWS (Amazon Web Services) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications enable customers to move to the cloud and upgrade to SAP HANA in as little as 48 hours and for as little as $1,000 in infrastructure costs. Register for the webinar on August 30, 2017 now!

Leverage AWS FAST (SAP Rapid Migration Test program) to migrate an on-premises SAP application running on a non-HANA (anyDB) database to a SAP application on SAP HANA (or ASE) on AWS.  The program provides you with a set of processes, procedures and tools to ease the migration to SAP HANA or SAP ASE on AWS. With AWS FAST, SAP customers who don’t have SAP HANA licenses can get a limited test license from their SAP account team.

With FAST you can decide if you want to use your own in-house resources, remote consulting, or a consulting partner to migrate your SAP system to AWS and upgrade it to SAP HANA.

The migration is mainly done in three steps:

  • The database migration option (DMO) of the Software Update Manager (SUM) (see SAP Note 2377305) is used to export the SAP source to a storage location in the form of flat files.
  • The exported flat files are getting transferred to AWS. In the meantime, the SAP HANA Quick Start can be used to provision the SAP HANA system and optionally install SAP HANA.
  • The flat files are imported into the newly provisioned SAP HANA system.

Learn how you can take an on-premises SAP application running on a non-HANA (anyDB) database, and use the SAP Rapid Migration Test program with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to migrate to an SAP HANA version of your application on AWS. Register for the webinar

For more information, please read the technical blog by Somckit Khemmanivanh, SAP Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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