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More Kubernetes for the Enterprise! Announcing SUSE CaaS Platform 3


Every enterprise needs Kubernetes today, including yours.  But with the platform evolving so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up.  Not to worry, SUSE can take care of that for you: SUSE CaaS Platform delivers Kubernetes advancements to you in an enterprise-grade solution.

SUSE today announced SUSE CaaS Platform 3, introducing support for a raft of new features and a special focus on the Kubernetes platform operator.  You can read all about it in the press release, but let’s hit on a few of the highlights here.  With SUSE CaaS Platform 3 you can:

Optimize your cluster configuration with expanded datacenter integration and cluster re-configuration options

  • Setting up your Kubernetes environment is easier than ever with improved integration of private (OpenStack) and public (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) cloud storage, and automatic deployment of the Kubernetes software load balancer.
  • A new SUSE toolchain module also allows you to tune the MicroOS container operating system to support your custom hardware configuration needs. Now you can, for example, install additional packages required to run your own monitoring agent or other custom software.
  • Transform your start-up cluster into a highly available environment. With new cluster reconfiguration capabilities, you can switch from a single-master to a multi-master environment, or vice-versa, to accommodate your changing needs.


Manage container images more efficiently and securely with a local container registry

  • Download a container image from an external registry once, then save a copy in your own local registry for sharing among all nodes in your cluster. By connecting to an internal proxy rather than an external registry, and by downloading from a local cache rather than a remote server, you’ll improve security and increase performance every time a cluster node pulls an image from the local registry.
  • For still greater security, disconnect from external registries altogether and use only trusted images you’ve loaded into your local registry.
  • Try out the new, lightweight CRI-O container runtime, designed specifically for Kubernetes, and introduced in CaaSP 3 as a tech preview feature. Stable and secure, CRI-O is also smaller and architecturally simpler than traditional container runtimes.


Simplify deployment and management of long running workloads through the Apps Workloads API. Promoted to ‘stable’ in upstream Kubernetes 1.9 code, the Apps Workloads API is now supported by SUSE.  This API generally facilitates orchestration (self-healing, scaling, updates, termination) of common types of workloads.

With Kubernetes now a must-have for every enterprise, you’ll want to give SUSE CaaS Platform a serious look.  Focused on providing an exceptional platform operator experience, it delivers Kubernetes innovations in a complete, enterprise grade solution that enables IT to deliver the power of Kubernetes to users more quickly, consistently, and efficiently.

SUSE CaaS Platform also serves as the Kubernetes foundation for SUSE Cloud Application Platform, which addresses modern application developers’ needs by bringing the industry’s most respected cloud-native developer experience (Cloud Foundry) into a Kubernetes environment.

To learn more about SUSE CaaS Platform, check out these resources:




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