Moose, Matadors, and Wildebeests: the OS Gets Rebranded


Posted by Joanna D. Rosenberg, Solution & Product Marketing for the SUSE Appliance Program

As a marketer, I tend to focus on people’s creativity in building and branding the appliances. Earlier this week, we officially launched SUSE Gallery – an online venue within SUSE Studio that allows users to build and publish their appliances. Once published, the appliance is available for end users to view and download.

The first interesting appliance I found on SUSE Gallery is called “Moose Linux”. It is based on openSUSE 11.2 and contains components such as WindowMaker and the arora web browser. The creator has made it “clone-enabled” allowing users create an appliance based on Moose Linux. I like the quirkiness of this naming -it makes me think that this person is from Alaska – the fact that the appliance allows you to identify with a particular place gives it strong marks in branding.

The second appliance that jumped out at me is called “Matador” and is described as is “your personal, good for your home OS. It is user friendly and it features KDE4.” It contains Firefox for a web browser, Thunderbird, and Pidgin. The publisher emphasizes that “Matador knows what you like and is very stylish.” While the branding is not entirely clear to me (are we talking a bull-fighting matador or a personal stylist?), I like its boldness.

Finally I couldn’t help but notice the “Wildebeest” OS appliance – it’s described as “one of the fastest animals on earth, the wildebeest is also one of the fastest operating systems on the planet!”

Any other appliances catch your eye?

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  • epadula says:

    Personally – I think the LapLamb is doing a nice marketing job as well. “LapLamb is made specifically for laptops, tablet computers, and netbooks. With driver support for all of them, it will give you an experience you will never forget.” And with its “hand selected software” this is a pretty unique package. Including Opera is a real plus. And by tagging it with some neat terms – Best OS – they are seeking to standout amongst the crowd. Nice work LapLamb!

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