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SUSE’s Guide to Microsoft Ignite 2019


SUSE is getting ready for Microsoft Ignite which  is November 4-8 in Orlando, Fl.


SUSE is proud to be a globally managed strategic ISV for Microsoft. SUSE and Microsoft have been partnering for 12 years now and both companies have 20-year strategic relationship with SAP. We’ll be at Ignite, talking to technical audiences about our SAP platform which offers high-availability, optimized tuning and performance, and reliability you can depend on. Come see us at Booth 706 on the expo floor to learn more about SAP on Azure!


We also recommend the following sessions in our partner booths: 

  • SQL Server Container platform benefits for Database Containers @Lenovo booth, November 5th @3:15 PM
  • SQL Server Container and SUSE Container Platform @DELL  booth,  November 6th @4:30 PM
  • Unlock Database Containers Value @ HPE booth, November 7th @10:30 AM


And while you are at the show, we also recommend the following sessions about SUSE Linux:

BRK 2135 – Lessons learned migrating SAP applications to Azure: Customers and partners

Speakers: Juan Vazquez  – CEMEX; Uday Reddy  – Coke One North America; Desmond Govender  – Exxaro; Karthik Amirtharajan  – Accenture; Hans Reutter  – Microsoft

Discover how SAP on Azure partners help customers migrate SAP applications to Azure. From planning and assessment to deployment, SAP on Azure partners are dedicated to making the best possible migration experience.


THR3112 – Integrated support for Linux on Azure workloads overview

Speaker: Abirami Iyer; Microsoft

Bring your mission critical apps to Azure! Azure Professional Support provides you the most comprehensive coverage and unique industry leading integrated co-located support options with 24/7 experts to assist you online to troubleshoot your urgent needs. Learn about what Azure Support options are, how does integrated support work for your Red Hat / SUSE workloads running on Azure, and explore the simple ticketing experience from our customer support team of experts.


BRK3134 – Run your Linux workloads faster leveraging the Azure platform enhancements

Speaker : Josh Poulson; Microsoft

Join our platform engineering team to hear about the investments and tools we built and contributed upstream for low latency networking, RDMA over SRIOV, infiniband, low latency storage, large size VMs, and more! Learn about the joint collaboration we have across Red Hat, SUSE, and Canonical to make Linux runs great on Azure, and see how to enable these features in your production environment and make your workloads run smoother on Azure.


BRK3230 – SQL Server on Linux in Azure Virtual Machines: Get started in minutes

Speaker : Mine Tokus; Microsoft

Join this session to learn how to get started and optimize SQL Server on Linux in Azure Virtual Machines. This interactive session includes demos about how to get started and best practices for optimizing SQL Server on Linux in Azure.


BRK3037 – New cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities in Azure Site Recovery

Speakers: Rochak Mittal;  Sujay Talasila; Microsoft

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is the built-in business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) technology that streamlines failover from on-premises to Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, or across Azure regions. In this session, learn how to minimize RTO and RPO objectives for your applications and take advantage of the latest capabilities to manage Windows, Linux-based apps, and specific considerations for web apps, SAP, and data-intensive workloads. We share real-world best practices on how Microsoft and our customers are using ASR at scale.


BRK3020 – Mission critical performance with SQL Server 2019

Speakers: Kevin Farlee;  Amit Banerjee; Microsoft

SQL Server has provided enterprises the capability to manage all facets of their relational data. Join us to learn about improvements that SQL Server 2019 is shipping for making your favorite database platform more intelligent, available, and faster. We provide insights into how customers are realizing better ROI with SQL Server 2019 and explain the new enhancements for intelligent database, in-memory database, and high availability. Come learn about the new functionality in SQL Server including data virtualization, new features for mission critical security and HADR, and new scenarios for Linux.


We’re excited to see you next month at Microsoft Ignite. In the meantime, follow @SUSE for the latest news and updates.





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