Michael Miller talks about why he’s running for President…… | SUSE Communities

Michael Miller talks about why he’s running for President……


So having already been made a President of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing, last year, it’s not surprising that Michael Miller is now setting his goal on something a little bit bigger!

President of … SUSECON 2016…. Did you think I meant of the United States!

Well Michael believes there’s great value in SUSECon 2016 so he’s putting up his candidacy and is hoping that you’ll be there to support his vote.

SUSECon this year will be themed around Delivering the Data Driven Future.  This year you’ll be able to hear how you can benefit and use the power of open enterprise to expand your possibilities. See how SUSE can help you operate more efficiently, create new products and services faster and, ultimately, beat your competition by harnessing the power and flexibility of open source platforms in their enterprise.

Plus each day we’ll have 3 specialist themes:

Delivering Zero Downtime – Mission critical applications and data must always be available. Discover how SUSE’s solutions minimize downtime helping address three areas of business continuity – resilience, recovery and contingency.

Transforming IT – IT transformation turns technological solutions into strategic business assets. Learn how SUSE solutions help reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide IT services that deliver business value.

Becoming more agile – When IT is transformed, the IT organization becomes more agile. Uncover how SUSE solutions help customers quickly respond to changing business needs using open source technologies.

If you’ve never visited SUSECON before then maybe you’d like to review last year’s videos, or see some of the sessions we’re highlighting this year on the homepage.

Michael Miller needs you’re vote! Register and book your slot to see him on stage at SUSECON 2016  – meanwhile check out the video where he’s launching his candidacy!

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