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Meet SUSE at Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia


Philadelphia convention centerNext week is going to be super busy for the SUSE Cloud Application Platform team, with the Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia and SUSECON in Nashville happening at the same time. It’s unfortunate the timing worked out like this, but it happens. The good news is that we’re going to make the best of it and show off our latest in advancements in combining Cloud Foundry with Kubernetes at both events. The bad news is that I will have to miss Cloud Foundry Summit this time because I’ll be at SUSECON. I’ll certainly be at the Cloud Foundry EU Summit later in the year though. In any case, we’ll have a strong team in Philadelphia and they’re eager to tell you what we’ve been working on.

SUSE is a gold sponsor of the event, so we’ll have a booth complete with live demos and plenty of the cool swag that you’ve come to expect of us. In addition, we are participating in a number of sessions, including:

Lightning Talks



  • Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes – The Blending Continues. This popular panel series continues in its third iteration. It’s guaranteed to be very interesting with frank discussion of the Cloud Foundry “vs” Kubernetes “debate”, updates on the progress made since the Basel summit in blending the two, and updates on the panel members’ vision of the future. Panel members include representatives from Google, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal, SAP, and SUSE. Troy Topnik, senior product manager for SUSE Cloud Application Platform, will be playing the role of Jeff Hobbs in this special episode.


Project Hours

  • CF Containerization. Troy Topnik along with Enrique Encalada from IBM will be available to discuss the latest advances in the Cloud Foundry’s CF Containerization project. I’m sure they’d love to hear your questions, and more importantly, help figure out how you can contribute to it.
  • Stratos. Troy Topnik, the busiest Canadian man at Cloud Foundry Summit, will be available to discuss the Stratos project — a UI for Cloud Foundry with Kubernetes support. Again, he’ll be happy to discuss it in general, answer your questions, and figure out you can contribute.



  • SUSE Cloud Application Platform. Louis Paul, cloud solution architect at SUSE and t-shirt collector, will give a live demonstration (without a net!) of how SUSE combines Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes together (and sprinkles a little Stratos on top) to provide the flexibility and productivity required by agile organizations.
  • A Native Kube Operator Tailored for Cloud Foundry. The dream team of SUSE’s Troy Topnik and IBM’s Enrique Encalada will dive deep to discuss cf-operator, a project that’s part of the CF Containerization proposal. They’ll show what the operator is, what the benefits are, and probably get pretty technical.
  • Customize Your Cloud Foundry UI Through Stratos Extension Framework. Troy Topnik abandons IBM’s Enrique Encalada in favor of IBM’s Bo Yang. They’ll present the joint work of a Stratos UI extension framework, and how AutoScaler is leveraging it to seamlessly enable users to manage autoscaling policies, view and query application metrics and scaling events in Stratos application dashboard with consistent use experience. If you’re like me, and enjoy demos with a UI, don’t miss this one!


So, if you’re in Philadelphia next week, come to the Summit, come by our booth, and come to our sessions. Our whole team is really passionate about combining Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes and would love to share ideas with you. The last time I was in Philadelphia was during a particularly hot and humid July; trust me that it’s a good thing this is happening in April instead. And if you read this and happen to run into Dr. Nic, please buy him a beer and send me the bill.




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