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Meet the Docs @SUSECON


SUSEans know how to celebrate. We demonstrated this once again, last Saturday, during our 25th birthday party in Nuremberg. Not sure how many companies can pride themselves of having their own rock music band, their own beer, and their own CEO happily drinking this company beer? Probably not that many?


You might also have realized via Social media that we know how to party: during the past weeks, we called on everyone to contribute to the #GreatSUSEBakeOff competition for this jubilee – and we got incredibly marvelous artworks as responses.


And it is not over yet – best is still to come! Many articles have already been published here about our unique SUSECON conference and exhibition (from Kent, Terri, Jeff, Mark, and many other colleagues), which will take place next week in beautiful Prague. So many technical sessions, case studies, hands-on classes are awaiting you. Certificates want to be made. In the technology lab and developer lounge, expert talks want to be executed and demos want to be shown. And parties – oh yeah – parties all around (probably also some more SUSE beer?): on Monday the Birds of a Feather Reception, on Tuesday the Conference Party in the Technology Showcase, together with our sponsors, on Wednesday the Offsite-Party at Žofín Palace, on Thursday the Closing Reception after the once again (you bet!) amazing Demopalooza. Just have a look at the agenda yourself!

But SUSECON 2017 is also your chance to meet a (not too small) part of the SUSE Documentation team. Well, honestly, it’s exactly the other way round: it is OUR chance to meet YOU! So please don’t leave us in the lurch . This is the perfect time to interact and discuss all things documentation. You can easily find us during the entire conference– every day, everywhere …

It all starts on Monday – with the Birds of a Feather (BoF) discussions, between 6 pm and 7:30 pm. Sven Seeberg is eager to discuss with you Distillery, our vision of automated information search and gathering for open source. Stefan Knorr and Dmitri Popov plan to motivate you to share your documentation feedback feedback with us. And – who knows– Markus Feilner might introduce you to the real security theater … Just keep your eyes and your minds open – and watch out onsite for the BoF announcements and posters.

From Tuesday (right after the Opening Keynote), until Thursday evening (right before Demopalooza), you can find us in the Developer Lounge, #WhereTheCoolShitHappens – as Hannes already vividly elucidated. And we are proud to be part of this “Cool Shit”  … We will be there during the entire day, and you’ll find us at our kiosk. Just come and natter with us about the weather – or about your thoughts how to contribute to documentation, if developers and documentation love or hate each other, and what we can do better to make your life easier. If you want, fill out a survey, help us enhance our documentation for you and for the open source ecosystem in general, and take the chance to win a giant SUSE Chameleon – he will be your friend forever (if you succeed in carrying him home !!!!).

And besides participating in all the cool stuff Hannes already talked about in his article, you can also listen to the talks we offer in the Developer Lounge Presentation Theater –I promise you will enjoy:

  • Dmitri Popov explains how to get “From Idea to Article – Writing for Technical Magazines”. Dima is an experienced journalist, having written for many years (and still writes) for publications such as the Linux Magazine. This talk takes place on Tuesday, Sept 26, from 7pm to 7:30pm.
  • Stefan Knorr and Sven Seeberg would like to give you some insight to “Documentation for Open Source Projects – Tools and Processes”. This happens on Wednesday, Sept 27, from 4:45pm to 5:15pm.
  • And Markus Feilner, our team lead and also longtime journalist, will happily make you understand on Thursday, Sept 28, between 1:55 pm and 2:25 pm, why “PR for OSS – Do Good Things and Talk about Them” is really important in our open source world.

Finally, you will also find us – or better: some documentation topic – in the official catalog of all conference sessions. The extra service for all little lazybones – you don’t have to look up the session catalog for the documentation talks – here you go:

  • BOV124370 – Sharing Expertise, Experience and Knowledge via the SUSE Best Practices (Meike Chabowski): Tues Sept 26, 2:45-3:45 pm, Room Tyrolka
  • BOV124429 – Jeopardy-like Game: What’s That Distribution? (Markus Feilner): Wed Sept 27, 3:45-4:45 pm, Room Paris
  • TUT124350 – Technical Writing for Non-Writers (Sven Seeberg, Stefan Knorr): Thurs Sept 28, 2:30-3:30 pm, Room Paris

Now, whether you have any open question before or after these talks, or if you simply want to meet some of the cutest people at SUSE , I just can re-emphasize: find us in the Developer Lounge, #WhereTheCoolShitHappens, and chat with us, ask us, laugh with us, and enjoy an inspiring SUSECON 2017.

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Meike ChabowskiMeike Chabowski works as Documentation Strategist at SUSE. Before joining the SUSE Documentation team, she was Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Linux Servers at SUSE, with a focus on Linux for Mainframes, Linux in Retail, and High Performance Computing. Prior to joining SUSE more than 20 years ago, Meike held marketing positions with several IT companies like defacto and Siemens, and was working as Assistant Professor for Mass Media. Meike holds a Master of Arts in Science of Mass Media and Theatre, as well as a Master of Arts in Education from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/ Germany, and in Italian Literature and Language from University of Parma/Italy.