Measuring Success In Enterprise Linux


Benchmarks are a funny thing.

Used to measure the performance of a given product or company, benchmarks are meant to demonstrate the apparent health of the thing that’s being measured.

Ever since SUSE became a private company, one of the biggest benchmarks used to measure our success, profits and revenue, was removed from the public eye. When our president and GM Nils Brauckmann detailed these numbers anyway at SUSEcon last Fall, it was meant to show our friends and partners what we’ve known all along – financially, SUSE is doing much better than fine.

Just last week, Network World’s Bryan Lunduke even held up those numbers against the numbers from two other commercial Linux vendors, Red Hat and Canonical.

In his article, Lunduke noted our own 2012 figures, as well as those from Red Hat. Canonical, he noted, was a bit of a mystery. So many platforms and messages, and yet indications are that the company is still not profitable.

Pundits are starting to notice that we are strong in other ways, too. itWire’s Sam Varghese made his own observations about the ways Red Hat and SUSE do business, and those observations highlight a key aspect of how we want to work: Our most important goal is connecting with the customer and making sure their needs are being met.

That’s the benchmark we want to hit, every single day. So we focus on making cloud computing less complicated to deploy and manage and adapting enterprise Linux to the customer’s needs and not the other way around.

This is the path to success SUSE is on. Along the way, we innovate, we connect, we share with the open source community. It’s an awesome journey, and every day more partners and customers are choosing to make that journey with us.

Another nice benchmark.

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