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Manage and Protect Your Enterprise Data with SUSE and Lenovo


It’s no exaggeration to say that today’s businesses have to manage massive amounts of data.


The real question is, how do you balance the often-conflicting requirements of speed, scale and reliability while still being affordable?


The answer is SUSE Enterprise Storage on Lenovo hardware.


Lenovo is number one in server reliability and customer satisfaction, and SUSE Enterprise Storage makes it easy to take advantage of the hardware manufacturer’s cost efficiencies and reliability—instead of having to get locked in with expensive proprietary hardware.



And if you are looking specifically for a back-up solution, you have even better news! It is all certified with commonly used backup and archive applications, including Veritas NetBackup, Veeam, Commvault, Micro Focus Data Protector and compliance solutions such as iTernity.




Software-defined storage for the win!

For IT professionals, what matters most is finding a way to manage all data. While tape backup has a friendly price tag, the time it takes to get data off tape and back into action is far too slow. And disk arrays can never scale affordably.


But with software-defined storage, you can implement disk-to-disk backup affordably—and in a way that will scale with you, from hundreds of terabytes to multiple petabytes as needed. And our Ceph solution node-based pricing model makes it the lowest-priced option for enterprise disk-to-disk backup.*



Want more? Take a look at our joint Sales Play with Lenovo:

2-page Partner Flyer: Protecting Your Enterprise Data with SUSE and Lenovo

4-page Solution Flyer: Software-Defined Storage Meets Cost-Effective Hardware

6-page Whitepaper: Open Source, Disk-to-Disk Data Backup from Lenovo and SUSE


Keep up to date with our SUSE/Lenovo Alliance at if you want to learn more.

* See exactly how SUSE Enterprise Storage stacked up against other options in IT Brand Pulse’s 5 Year TCO Case Study at:



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