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Lucky me – today is one year at SUSE!


I woke up today and pinched myself, not because it’s St. Patrick’s and I’m not wearing green – but because it’s my one year Anniversary as a marketer at SUSE and I am wearing green! Lucky indeed, why? The top ten reasons why I joined SUSE – and here’s the punch line first – these are all still the reasons I am looking forward to my second year and many more to come:

#1: NICE people    
#2: Incredible products    
#3: Customers who love us for the real IT problems we help them solve    
#4: Partners who are great to collaborate with    
#5: Organic Sales Growth – up and to the right   
#6: Sales teams who are eager to experiment to drive new leads  
#7: Inspiring leadership   
#8: Marketing peers I learn from and truly enjoy working and laughing with   
#9: Permission to work with new technologies to participate in creation of world-class marketing programs    
#10: Collaboration with super smart people all around the world.

Come join us!




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