loveLife Chooses Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy



Launched in September 1999, loveLife is
South Africa’s national HIV prevention programme for youth. loveLife
has successfully brought together a broad coalition of international
organisations to accomplish one shared goal — to stem the epidemics of
HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and related sexually transmitted infections
among South Africa’s young people.

loveLife is having a measurable impact on HIV/AIDS awareness and
prevention in South Africa through many innovative initiatives. These
include multi-purpose youth centres, a telephone helpline for youth, a
bright purple loveTRAIN that tours the country, HIV/AIDS prevention
campaigns in the media, and a mobile loveTOUR radio broadcasting unit.

Omni is proud to have supported
Novell South Africa in delivering affordable Multiplied SUSE Linux
Enterprise Desktops
for loveLife’s youth centres.

The Challenge

loveLife faced the challenge of determining how best to deploy desktop
computers in their youth centres. Like many governments, school
districts, universities and colleges tasked with delivering wider
computer desktop access, loveLife’s budget was unable to meet the

The electrical and infrastructure requirements for traditional
stand-alone desktops also presented a challenge. Many youth centres in
rural areas are simply not equipped to power modern computer labs.
Network wiring and the cost of Internet switches can add tens of
thousands of Rands to a desktop deployment in a single centre.

The Solution

loveLife engaged Novell South Africa’s team to identify the most
affordable way to deploy Linux desktops in their youth centres. Novell’s
recommendation was SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 with a software
add-on called the Linux
Desktop Multiplier
, powered by Userful. Omni is Userful’s Preferred
Partner worldwide for Desktop Multiplier deployments on SLED 10 from

The Linux Desktop Multiplier allows up to 10 full-client stations to be
connected to a single SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. For standard
applications — word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, Internet
browser, email program, drawing and painting software, Linux education
— M
ultiplied Linux Desktops deliver an almost identical
user experience to stand-alone desktops.

The difference, however, is that Multiplied Linux Desktops deliver up
to 70 to 80% cost savings on hardware, maintenance, electricity,
infrastructure and other support costs. These savings are in addition to
the compelling value of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, which is a tenth
of a cost of Microsoft Vista.

The Results

As part of their initial pilot, loveLife deployed five, 7-user
Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops in their youth centres. The
Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy enabled the organisation to stretch
its limited desktop budget and help bridge the
digital divide
for more South African youth.


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