Richard Lewis, Andrew Ugonlino and David Share from IBM did a marvelous job in explaining to interested attendees the components of the hybrid computing architecture of IBM zEnterprise System running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z, how it exactly works, and what are the best-fit workloads to run on which component. We got really much attention for this side-activity – even from “newbies” that did not know much about mainframes!

A real highlight was the “Oktoberfest” during IT Tech Talk on Thursday evening. Everybody had a “heart for SUSE” (well maybe better “from SUSE”: we gave away ginger-bread hearts 😉 ). Our keynote demoer James Tan and Studio team member Wolfgang Engel did not hesitate to pose for us in this beautiful environment.

Also an eye-catcher: the SUSE-branded Burton snowboards and original Gibson Guitars that we gave away during our closing keynote on Friday.

And we were very proud of our SUSE area in general – it turned out super-nicely thanks to our events team!

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