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Linux Magazine Special Edition “Getting Started with Linux” – and More!!


We who live in a Linux world know for “a while” now that Linux is “the better Windows”. But still – there are people out there who somehow do not dare to touch Linux in their private environment, on their laptops and desktops. Some of them – for whatever reason – are still under the impression that Linux is made just for geeks. Others might just be too lazy to exchange their pre-installed operating system with an unfamiliar one. And yet others might still think that they can do only “boring stuff” on Linux.

Now, more than a quarter of a century after Linux had been invented, fortunately the Linux Magazine once again decided to fight ignorance with education. And just recently published a special issue “Getting Started with Linux”. This special edition (with roughly 100 pages!) features the fresh openSUSE Leap 42.3 version – a DVD containing the software is also included.

No “boring stuff” at all! After a general section how to get started with the new system, the magazine covers all essential areas of doing work and having fun with Linux – and yes, gaming is also included.

Quite a few of our SUSE colleagues did contribute to this special edition.

With the article “Installing openSUSE”, my documentation colleague Sven Seeberg explains how you can share a Windows computer with a Linux system, and how easy it is to get a Linux system up and running with openSUSE.

The incredible inimitable unrivaled YaST team contributed a 5-page article about the unique YaST system management and configuration framework included with openSUSE (and the SUSE products). YaST is the “control center” that lets you perform a variety of tasks, from installing software to setting up complex services.

If you want to know how to keep your openSUSE Leap system secure, read the article “Safe, Safer, Linux” from our documentation team lead (and journalist) Markus Feilner. You will much better understand why Linux has such a good reputation regarding security, and where you can find the relevant nuts and bolts in openSUSE Leap that define how securely your system is set up.

My documentation colleague (and journalist) Dmitri Popov was highly productive – with four articles published in this special edition. He covers vitally important topics such as Multi Media (how you can watch videos, play music and stream Internet Radio), photo management (how to use digiKam), Web Browsing (focusing on Firefox as the most popular web browser on Linux), and – of course crucial for any computer user – Office Programs (LibreOffice as a full-featured free office suite).

There are many more excellent articles that provide great insight into additional topics such as how to work with Wine to run Windows programs in Linux, how to surf the Internet anonymously with the Tor Browser, or how to use the command line tool.

As said before: This special edition features roughly 100 pages of Linux knowledge – impressive! But don’t think that’s all! There is so much more to say about openSUSE Leap and the many options it offers. Thus we decided to publish a series of extra blog articles to complement the “Getting Started with Linux” magazine with valuable additional information. And we started with six new articles, which can be found here:

From Sebastian Parschauer:

Gaming with Linux: More Options Than You Thought!

From Douglas DeMaio:

From Romeo S.:

System Logs: Understand Your Linux System

From Lingshan Zhu:

Working with the Command Line: Basic Linux Commands

From Stephan Barth:

Backing up Your Data on Your Linux System

From Arvin Schnell:

Advantages of Snapper and Rollback

Now I wish you Happy Reading! And Happy Installation! And if you feel inspired now, if you want to share YOUR knowledge and experience, and contribute to this series yourself, just let me know!!

Disclaimer: The text at hand has not been reviewed by a native speaker. If you find typos or language mistakes, please send them to me ( – or if you like them, just keep them and feed them. 

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