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Are you Left Brain or Right Brain?


As I was looking for best way to describe the two brains, I came across the following at UCMAS whose mission statement is “Discover the Genuis within”, which is exactly what I was looking to communicate but in the context of IT. So, here we go with the excerpt.

Left Brain, Right BrainLeft brain thinking is verbal and analytical. Right brain is non-verbal and intuitive, using pictures rather than words. The best illustration of this is to listen to people give directions. The left brain person will say something like “From here, go west three blocks and turn north on Vine Street. Go three or four miles and then turn east onto Broad Street.” The right brain person will sound something like this: “Turn right (pointing right), by the church over there (pointing again). Then you will pass a McDonalds and a Walmart. At the next light, turn right toward the Esso station.”

In recent times, we have come across many organizations that have started to refer to their IT functions as two types of ITs, where one type is more process oriented similar to the left brain and the other wants to be more creative & cutting edge- the right brain. Gartner also has a term for this; they refer to this as Bimodal, which implies two modes – mode 1 and mode 2.

Mode 1 refers to the traditional IT, think left brain.

Mode 2 refers to the agile IT, you guessed it, right brain.

In order to discover the genius of IT at your organization it is likely that you already have the two types of ITs. Guess not the same as being born with the two brain types but at least the organizations can grow into the two types with the innate IT genius.

You can come at the two IT types from the process side or the application side; sometimes process and application converge. Containers are an example where the process and application point to the bimodal structure. When we talk about containers, docker is the predominant technology that has catapulted the containers technology from geek land into mainstream.

DockerCon 2016 is in full swing as I pen these thoughts. So, what better time than now to talk about containers and brains!

Speaking about the two modes, let’s take the example of containers in the context of VMs. As Mode 1, you already have virtual machines and want to deploy container/docker apps in the cone of security of VMs. So, you start building container/docker apps and deploy them in your tried and tested VM infrastructure.

As Mode 2, your organization’s new shiny innovation lab or team is eager to deploy the docker apps quickly. So they adopt agile methods, pick up a tiny and fast footprint operating system to reduce provisioning and deployment time, and use the best collaboration tools they can find to get to the market fastest.

Along the way, you keep cloud on your radar so you are ready to jump onto cloud deployment when the time comes. Or you may be starting with cloud based deployment from get go. Either way, your left and right brain teams have your back to help you reach your goals.

If you are at DockerCon, you will have the chance to listen to the bimodal story from Michal Svec. For out of town folks, stay tuned for more brainy thoughts.

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