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We upgraded a customer’s Novell Teaming 1.0 Server to 2.0. During the process we realized that the customer did not have a backup of his Teaming Data & DB’s. Let’s not be down on the customer, he was new to Novell Linux as well and his Online Backup Service had accidentally left out the Teaming Server all together.

Well, instead of calling the company that maintains their online backup and have them login, make adjustments to the backups, charge them money etc, we created a script that would grab the Teaming Data and move it to an NSS Volume that was already part of the night backup jobs~!

Please remember, we are new to scripting so I am sure there are 100 ways to do this…..Thanks to MPS for all the assistance!


if test -d /backup/
       echo "Backup Directory Exists"
       mkdir /backup/
       echo "Created Backup Directory"

cd /backup

mysqldump -uroot -pn0vell --opt lportal > /backup/lportal.sql
mysqldump -uroot -pn0vell --opt sitescape > /backup/sitescape.sql

tar -czf /backup/teamingfiles.tar.gz /home/icecoredata
tar -czf /media/nss/VOL1/teamingbackup/lportalbkup.tar.gz /backup/*


So, we create the backup directory, dump the mysql db’s, grab the Teaming user data, zip them up and place them over on the NSS Volume where the backup is already set to cover. Lastly, we cron this to run every night.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helps as we all learn to become SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certified!

Norm O’Neal
2010 Novell Knowledge Partner
Team NTEG / Team NUGI
“Serving One Community”

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