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Learn about Fulfilling Your Organization’s Business Needs at SUSECON 2020!


The one thing we can all count on in technology is change and with change comes new opportunities and challenges. As an IT professional, you know you must continuously “sharpen the saw” and learn how new innovations can make a difference in your job, department, and organization.

SUSECON 2020 is a unique opportunity to educate yourself about all the most important developments in enterprise open source technology, in one location, during more than 160 sessions, over five days. Register now – you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

The sessions were specifically created to address the most pressing needs of our customers and here are a few highlights:

2020 Priority – SUSE Customers

SUSECON 2020 Session

Extend the value of the investment in IT by enabling modern workloads to run on legacy systems. Multimodal OS Platform: How To Support Legacy Applications & Move Forward Simultaneously
Implement machine learning to maximize the value of data. “Hands-On Machine Learning With SUSE High Performance Computing”
Start or expand IoT data collection. “Building & Deploying IoT Solutions With The SUSE Application Delivery Approach”
Increase agility and responsiveness by simplifying and modernizing application deployment. “Application Delivery Basics With SUSE Cloud Application Platform”
Improve security across many levels of the IT infrastructure. “Secure Your application On SUSE CaaS Platform With Cilium”
Boost the performance of the IT stack by pushing applications to a container environment. “Getting Started With Containers On SUSE: Packaging & Deploying Your First Application”
Eliminate unplanned downtime by setting up and troubleshooting SUSE HA and SAP HANA. “SUSE High Availability for SAP HANA: Tales From The Real World, Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting”

SUSECON 2020 is in Dublin Ireland from March 23 – 27 at the Dublin Conference Centre. Register now and reserve your spot for dozens of hands-on, problem-solving sessions like these.


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