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Know your Hardware


Need to know about your system hardware without opening your computer?

To know details of the type of ram and its speed:

dmidecode --type memory

Similar bios details:

dmidecode --type bios

other options include:

system, baseboard, chassis, processor,  cache, connector, slot

Explore further for other options if you are an expert in hardware.

dmidecode --help will Display usage information and exit
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  • marioecerna says:

    Hi, I recently bought a HP2133, but i have problem to use the webcam (it doesnt work) and problem to connect me trought wireless.
    I have Suse linux desktop 10 SP2 and I am a new user of linux.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • mendesdomnic says:

    Suse 10 does not have the driver for hp2133 web cam.

    You can upgrade to Suse 11.1 to get it working. See below link for hardware compatibility for hp 2133

  • mining says:

    How do install linux on my p4v8xmx desktop pc?

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