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In case you missed our SAPPHIRE run, we’ve got you covered!

Also, we have 2 SAP Insider Webinars ready for you as a follow-up. One of each will run LIVE on Wednesday, June 14th. Register HERE 🙂

Basically, we have 3 joint offerings on the SAP space that we want to show you: VORA, ITOA & Software-Defined Storage.

We know it can be hard to navigate through all the excellent content SAPPHIRE had to offer so here is a quick overview:

Both SUSE and Lenovo had booths to host SAP Customer, showcase demos and present sessions.


And, since we have been collaborating a lot we had some joint activities at the event and beyond:


  • VORA Demo at Lenovo Booth during SAPPHIRE
    • Brian Finley, Principal Architect for Big Data Solutions at Lenovo, was there to walk customer through the offering live.
  • Lenovo session at SUSE`s Mini-Theater during SAPPHIRE
    • SAP HANA Vora Solutions with Lenovo and SUSE. Watch Video
  • Lenovo session at Partner Co-Innovation area during SAPPHIRE
  • SAP Insider Webinar (co-sponsored by Lenovo, SUSE and Intel)



  • ITOA Demo at Lenovo Booth during SAPPHIRE
    • James Engle, Senior IT Systems Engineer at Lenovo, was there to chat with customers live. Check presentation here
  • SAP Insider Webinar (co-sponsored by Lenovo, SUSE and Intel)
    • How SAP IT Operations Analytics Can Boost Performance across the IT Landscape. WATCH ON-DEMAND


Software-Defined Storage

  • SUSE session at Lenovo`s Mini-Theater during SAPPHIRE
    • Tackle your growing storage needs with SUSE and Lenovo’s scalable and cost-effective software defined solution for SAP HANA. Watch Lenovo`s 5 min Periscope


Looking ahead you`ll be able to get a taste of all our joint solutions at:

  • Lenovo`s Executive Briefing Center in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • SUSECON17 (Sep 25-29) in Prague
    • Learn more HERE, register and come visit the Lenovo Booth.

Keep up with our Strategic Partnership at and we will see you soon!


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