Know Linux? Get a Job!


If you have Linux skills, then this is probably the best time to let people know, because those skills could very likely land you a new or better.

That’s the word from this year’s annual Linux Jobs Report, put together by the Linux Foundation and jobs board

Specifically, 93 percent of hiring managers plan to be looking for a Linux professional in the next six months, with 90 percent of those same hiring managers complaining that it’s somewhat to very difficult to find such Linux gurus to fill the slots they have.

The demand is showing up amongst potential candidates, too. Three-quarters of Linux professionals report having gotten a call from a recruiter in the last half of 2012. And, while technology-sector salaries went up by 5% in 2012, Linux-oriented salaries rose by 9% in the same period.

We certainly can understand the need for more Linux experts here at SUSE, where we are always on the look out for more talent to help us innovate and work with customers. Based on our own experience, this report’s conclusions don’t really surprise us much.

So what can you do to get yourself out there on the Linux market? If you use Linux, consider formalizing your skills, through training or even formal certification, such as through our partners at the Linux Professional Institute. Polish up your resume and make sure it’s out on networks like LinkedIn or

Linux is growing every day, and employers are looking for a lot of new staff to fill their need to configure and improve the world’s best operating system. Are you ready to join the team?

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  • Oh, thats seems to be great! I´m LPIC-1 and NCLA certified and i´m searching for a job with Linux oder Linux-Administrations. Over 10 years im using openSUSE at home as Server and Notebook.
    So where can i find a job?

    • Brian Proffitt says:

      I would suggest updating your resume or CV and getting it out to job sites. Since you’re in Germany, I personally can’t recommend any local sites, but I am sure there’s many.

      If you’ve done this already, then identify areas where you might need skills to be sharpened. The best people to ask? Job interviewers. When the interview is about done, ask them for feedback on your strengths and weaknesses for that job. Even if you don’t get the job, you’ll know what to improve the next time around.

      • Carlos says:

        Im also using Linux since 1998, started with Ubuntu, moved to Fedora, then to Suse, then Mandriva, then Fedora+SUSE+Ubuntu, then tried MINT *Sold to Chinese Bank by the way, that is what Blue Systems is…that Netrunner has a UBUNTU ONE like App, only it can turn into a Server…They use, for selling Domains/Hostings/Sites, ooh….INSTA is a Brand of a Chinese Bank, just the 4th in World Rank.
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        So, I could just went to Windows get what I want, or Save it there…but that with any Linux…now, FEDORA 18 is TRYING to break Windows 8 Secure Boot, and, not with much success, and KUBUNTU is been doing it since much before.
        Who Knows what?…Never used Kubuntu again…now Its just Windows 8, 7 and Fedora and now gonna try SUSE cos it loos much better then Ubuntu, costs less…and I need a TOP Linux..and Fedora just happened to pop up with an extra User, tho INACTIVE???…with names like Susan Etc, Clown Etc…, this are not there before I use the Evolution or Live Accounts in it, so… stays in an Old PC cos I like some of the features.
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        Now, SUSE looks the N”1 now….looks like it has it all, Secure, Never ending Software, Costs less then 25% of a WIN8 and it is a Server, also less then Ubuntu, which is worst….SUSE never crashes, like most RPM” s are much more stable then DEBIAN” s, so I like Ubuntu for the Toys like Chrome…plenty of apps that ask access to my Email, Phone, Address Book…I don’t know what this people will do when YAHOO+AOL+MS+UBUNTU+ADOBE+GOOGLE + Etc…, find that they already know all about everybody, so, what will they have to do then??? Instead of spending MILLIONS in breaking Security, they can only go 1 way…offer good Products at Low Prices, cos they know all…and till now, only GOD knew it all, and since he did it, he knew that after knowing or have all, there’s nothing more to do..except, give it back, cos, I don’t think Bill wants to die with the SIGN of a SCAM-ER of the Biggest MLM in the World…cos those Millions, are useless if no one buys Windows cos he sucked them up already…like this BULLSHIT of not including a DVD with the Windows 7 or 8 in the PC ???? What is this????
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