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KDE Short Cut Keys


Here are some KDE shortcuts:

  • Alt-F2
    Brings up a “Run Command” prompt
  • Alt-Print and Cntrl-Print
    Take a screenshot. You have to paste it from your clipboard
  • Alt-Esc or Control-Esc
    Shows the KDE session manager, from which you can switch to a specific application or log out of KDE.
  • Ctrl-F[1..8]
    Switch to a specific desktop.
  • Alt-Tab or Alt-Shift-Tab
    Cycle through your windows.
  • Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-Tab
    Cycle through your desktops.
  • Alt-F4
    Close the current active window.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Esc
    Window destroyer (every window you click on will be destroyed).
  • Alt-F3
    For your Window Menu
  • Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
    This exits KDE but doesn’t save your settings or work.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Numpad +
    Cycles to the next screen resolution available.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Numpad –
    Cycles to the previous screen resolution available.

Do share more if you have any………..

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  • Anonymous says:

    Open Start Menu = Alt + F1

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