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Karyuna Institute of Technology and Sciences leading SUSE Education in India


Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS), Deemed to be University, Coimbatore, India, and the SUSE Academic Program are signing a memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to promote Linux and Open Source education across India.

How did we get here: BL Radhakrishnan, Coordinator Industry-Academia collaborations-CSE and Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, sought out SUSE’ Academic Program in early 2019. Prior to this, the computer, science and engineering (CSE) department had a previous engagement with Novell Software briefly. The department established a relationship and signed the first agreement with Novell in the year 2010. Because of the tremendous academic support and guidance by Novell, the CSE department started offering the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (NCLA) from the year 2010. Currently, the certification is offered as “SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in Enterprise Linux.”

Based on the fruitful partnership, the relationship was further strengthened as Novell started supporting their Masters for Technology program in the year 2014, and the “Novell Center of Excellence for Cloud Computing” was established on KITS premises.

Over the last few months, Karyuna gradually implemented the SUSE Academic Program within their university, enrolling nearly 50 students in SUSE courses.

Where we are now: On Friday, November 29th, an official MoA signing ceremony will be held at the Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS) campus to formally establish the newly formed partnership. The mutually beneficial agreement will support both parties’ efforts to develop Linux and Open Source skills, some of the key points include;

  • The SUSE Academic Program will provide all faculty, staff and students with full access to our On Demand Technical Training course library, curriculum, virtual labs and educational resources.
  • KITS will encourage student enrollment, training and completion of SUSE certification exams.
  • Naming of campus computer lab “The SUSE Center for Excellence”.
  • KITS will act as an advocate for the SUSE Academic Program in India and help grow awareness amongst other universities.


This event will include a virtual demo of the academic program by dedicated program manager Brendan Bulmer, followed by a campus tour and naming of “The SUSE Center for Excellence.” SUSE Technical Solutions Architect, Rajendran Karthikeyan, will have the honorary pleasure of signing the agreement in person and posing for a photo opportunity.

Where we are going: Getting taught on SUSE solutions is only the beginning. Ultimately, students want to apply this knowledge in the workforce, and obtaining a SUSE certification is the easiest way to showcase their skillset. Working with KITS, we will also provide information and encouragement for students to complete the various certification exams.

We will be sure to keep everyone updated along this journey. Following the MoA signing ceremony, an official press release will be made available by KITS. They are keen to promote through all of the university social media channels, and we will also be sure to share within the SUSE community as well. A reoccurring monthly meeting will highlight progress at the university and discuss collaboration with other closely connected universities across India.

Educating the next generation of professionals will continue to be essential for SUSE, and Karyuna Institute of Technology and Sciences is leading the way for Linux and Open Source skill development in India.


Looking to learn more or need support in sharing the SUSE Academic Program? You are always welcome to reach out to a program manager in your respected area.

Register/Login: suse.com/academic

Academic Program Manager: brendan.bulmer@suse.com


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