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KAESER Kompressoren SE: Innovative Service Offerings Enabled by SAP and SUSE


“Air as a Service” – wait, what? Yes, you read correctly. However, it is probably not what you are thinking right now. “Air as a service” simply describes a new service model of KAESER Kompressoren. But let’s start at the beginning:

KAESER Kompressoren is a German company that provides compressed air system solutions worldwide. With local offices and exclusive partners, KAESER is active in more than 100 countries. In order to stay on top of the market, KAESER always tries to be an innovative first mover. Thus, partnering with SAP for their journey towards realizing a full digital supply chain was the natural choice.

SAP equals innovation

The vision of KAESER’s digital supply chain project was to build a central hybrid big data solution for IoT machine data using SAP Data Hub for data ingestion, transformation, enrichment, storage and integration into end-user applications. SAP Business Applications were used to give actionable insights. Furthermore, new business models such as “Air as a service” that applies predictive maintenance for service, and data science for machine optimization were introduced with SAP. To be able to act like an intelligent enterprise, KAESER deployed further technologies like a self-service analytics tool that empowers technical and business users, as well as standardized reports to customers.

Becoming an intelligent enterprise with SAP

By using SAP Data Hub for orchestration, transformation and storage of IoT data, and utilizing the SAP HANA platform for analytics, data science and machine learning, KAESER managed to make the digital supply chain reality. By integrating IoT data with customer data, KAESER is now able to provide unique value to their customers, service partners and dealers. Since the implementation, costs of service could be reduced, and higher reliability was achieved. Also, with the new service model, a new revenue stream could be generated, and employees feel now more empowered through self-service data insights via a central repository which significantly reduced manual data preparation steps.

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