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Just the Right Amount of Linux for Embedded Operating Systems


To optimize the performance and reliability of embedded applications in servers, devices and hardware, an operating system must be easy to configure and customize. Developers need to streamline the development processes and enable modifications and updates for their applications to align with business and project requirements.

The selection of an embedded operating system is a complex process that requires consideration of multiple factors that impact every aspect of the project — from development time to licensing costs.

Should you:
• Utilize an existing operating system (custom or commercial) and adapt it for embedded applications?
• Design and implement an operating system intended only for embedded use?

Many embedded system developers recognize that Linux is a solid choice for an embedded operating system. However, the question becomes, which version of Linux is best?

Standard operating systems can have too much functionality for embedded system development and often are not optimized for an embedded application environment.

That said, things like support, security, updates and patching are pivotal reasons that more and more embedded system developers are turning to a commercial Linux operating system. Just Enough Operating System (JeOS) offered by SUSE provides a small footprint OS that delivers only the packages required to align with project demands, making it ideal for embedded system development.

With the ability to easily strip down the operating system, embedded developers are empowered with the flexibility to:

  • Install only what is needed
  • Configure what is installed
  • Enable and protect what is configured
  • Securely run what is enabled

The result is faster time-to-market, reduction in development costs, and improved efficiencies. SUSE’s embedded solutions integrate seamlessly with industry-standard architectures, hardware components, server and storage applications, and networking applications. JeOS also allows developers to build on the platform that aligns with the project, and is optimized for ARM64 and x86.

Are you ready to get just the right amount of operating system for Embedded Linux Applications? Download a 60-day evaluation of SUSE Linux Enterprise JeOS today and contact the team at to learn how we can help.

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