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Juno what just happened to OpenStack?


Today marks the next milestone in the evolution of OpenStack – the 10th project release – Juno. Juno provides enhancements to all of the OpenStack sub-projects and introduces an new capability to integrate Hadoop clusters to deliver big data analytics as a service. An overview of the enhancements can be found here: (http://www.openstack.org/software/juno/).

How is this possible you ask? 248, 368, 601, 958, 1224, 1419.  This is the number of code contributors for each release since the 5th release – Essex. In 2.5 years, the number of contributors has increased nearly 6-fold! Congratulations to this team on another great release.

In addition to providing exciting new capabilities, this breadth of involvement also means that customers can select from a number of options to build a solution that fits their needs. Do you have a preference in hyper-visors? OpenStack supports 5. Do you need to integrate with an external storage array? Openstack has support from over a dozen storage vendors. And the story is similar for networking.

All of this collaboration is made possible by the OpenStack Foundation, which is continually looking for ways to better address customer requirements. Given the range of participants
and technologies that make up OpenStack, the Foundation has kicked-off two efforts to focus on two groups of potential OpenStack users – the Network Function Virtualization group is looking at what is needed to have OpenStack form the foundation of the next generation of services from telcos and other carriers. The enterprise working group is engaging customers to identify requirements to integrate with existing data center environments.

Vendor collaboration. Customer choice. This is what open source is all about.

SUSE, who started contributing to OpenStack during the Essex release is excited to be part of this dynamic community as we work to bring the benefits of private cloud to our customers.

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