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Global Services Chameleon will help your transformationYou’ve been convinced.  It’s 2019 and your IT department has to undergo transformation so your business can meet the needs of a digital transformation. But do you have the resources for this transformation?  After all, you can’t stop paying attention to your business-critical day-to-day operations. It’s crucial to maintain your existing operations while integrating new technology.

If you have no one to take on these new responsibilities, your IT transformation project can stall, or even fail. Or maybe you have the resources for your transformation project, but they do not have the appropriate knowledge or experience to successfully get your IT transformation off the ground.

No Transformation Can Be Fatal to Your Business (and Your Job)

Whether it’s maintaining uptime, increasing security or improving quality, your team is already stretched to the limit. So how do you tackle your IT transformation when:

  •  A recent 451 Research Group survey shows that more than 60 percent of IT technical team structures will not be changing
  • A Gartner study shows that in small and medium-sized businesses, the predominant position is ‘no change’ in IT staff levels

Find a Trusted Services Partner

Working with a trusted services provider means these resources are always covered. It also means your company will enjoy seamless integration while you stay focused on day-to-day operations. SUSE Global Services is that partner.  And we offer a number of offerings that are designed to jumpstart your IT transformation. 

One of these offerings, SUSE Select Services,  helps you bridge the gap in your resources providing implementation assistance of key solutions.  These key solutions, such as SUSE OpenStack Cloud or SUSE Enterprise Storage, are foundations to a software-defined infrastructure. This 12-month, tiered offering provides a number of benefits designed to give you confidence as you integrate new technologies into your existing infrastructure.

Select Services give you the flexibility to choose the level of service that matches your business needs. All three tiers provide extraordinary value, built-in flexibility and are designed to develop a true trusted relationship with an expert who is dedicated to the success of your business.

We couple consulting with premium support services to ensure successful implementations and smooth integration with your existing infrastructure – avoiding the dreaded shelfware.

All the Benefits in One Services Offering

For one fixed-cost, Select Services gives you all the key benefits you need for success, including:

  •  Dedicated named engineer:  This technical expert not only knows the products, but also your IT environment and your business. They will help you get up and running quickly, address changing IT needs and be proactive so that you can get the most out of your technology investment.
  • Response times tailored to your business requirements:  IT disruptions can be costly to the business. That’s why Select Services offers rapid response times of as little as 15 minutes.
  • Proactive maintenance:  To keep your systems running smoothly and up-to-date, your named technical expert will ensure maintenance and patch updates occur on a regular schedule.
  • Onsite visits:  Sometimes you need a technical expert to come on-site; sometimes it’s just nice to put a face to a name. Select Services builds in that on-site time.
  • Consulting for implementation and knowledge transfer:  We know how important it is to get your IT and DevOps teams knowledgeable on new technologies. That’s why we’ve included consulting and knowledge transfer in all three of the Select Services tiers.
  •  Customer success manager:  Whether coordinating personnel, facilitating resolution times, or talking technology trends, your customer success manager will provide personalized account management.

Get the Full Paper!

The white paper “Three Reasons Why You Need a Services Partner for IT Transformation” discusses lack of resources and more obstacles companies face when undergoing IT transformation. You can download it here.




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