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SUSE Goes Platinum with OpenStack


Today, SUSE is proud to have committed to join and support the formation of the OpenStack Foundation as a Platinum member along with AT&T, Canonical, HP, IBM, Nebula, Rackspace, and Red Hat. OpenStack is one of the fastest growing projects in the OSS community and the creation of this Foundation will ensure its long-term viability, attract more contributors and nurture the philosophy of open collaboration that is essential to its success.

Last October, we announced that we would develop a hypervisor neutral and OS agnostic cloud infrastructure solution combining SUSE technologies and the OpenStack framework. Now, with the recent Essex release as the foundation, and our rapidly increasing focus and contribution to project, we’re taking the next big step. And our customers are ready to take that next step with us as we pioneer a truly open approach to cloud infrastructure.

By integrating SUSE tools and technologies with the OpenStack platform we’ll create a unique, enterprise-ready solution that is backed by SUSE’s award-winning world wide support. Our contributions to the project will be aimed at improving OpenStack for everyone and developing capabilities that matter most to our enterprise customers. Enterprises can’t afford to risk vendor lock-in and they must have the flexibility of an open infrastructure that can address both their current complexities and adapt to future needs.

Can you imagine the value of being able to seamlessly deploy and manage your private and hybrid clouds – we can too!

So let’s do this together. We will begin an early adopter pilot program in the next several months and provide an initial commercial release shortly thereafter. So stay tuned for more news.


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