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Jetpacks and VDI on OpenStack: One of these is ready now.


Remember those old sci-fi movies in the 1960’s where spies were flying around in jet packs and cars zipped through the air? The future seemed so cool back then, but 50 years later we’re still stuck in traffic during rush hour.jetpacks

Like those old movies, analysts and market pundits have been proclaiming the “year of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)” for several years now, and while the growth curve has been steady, uptake has been slower than predicted.

Well, there’s a new energy around VDI. One reason why some think the time is right for VDI is because the technology, particularly the advances in cloud technology, is now able to deliver on the promise of VDI and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Today, more customers are starting to think strategically about deploying it in different parts of their business.

OpenStack is an excellent infrastructure choice for VDI/DaaS because it combines open source hypervisors and an open source management layer with an enterprise-ready installation framework that enables businesses to really lower their cost to build out VDI.

If you want more details about the implementation of VDI on OpenStack, check out this blog from our partner Leostream on The Building Blocks of OpenStack and VDI/DaaS.

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