Fujitsu is not necessarily the first name that comes to mind when thinking about companies supporting open source, yet Yoshiya Eto, vice president and general manager, Linux development division. For over ten years he has been leading a team of Linux community engineers at Fujitsu; this team is one of the largest contributors to the Linux kernel and is continuously contributing patches to improve feature and stability of Linux for enterprise usage. Under Eto san’s leadership, this core engineering team provides mission-critical enterprise customer support through collaboration with distributors and the community.

Eto san was gracious enough to sit down with Alan Clark from our CTO office to conduct a series of interviews about his career at Fujitsu. Clark and Eto san are longtime friends, both serving on the board of the Linux Foundation. We created a series of videos from that conversation and the first one went live today.

This first video will show how much Eto san has been involved with the open source community.


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