The Best Reason to move your SAP workloads to Google Cloud with SUSE



There are many technical reasons to move your SAP workloads to Google Cloud Platform with SUSE. Google owns the network; in fact, 40% of all internet traffic uses its network at some point. A simple selection of Confidential VM for your compute engine gives you an environment where your data remains encrypted in use without changing your application! And you have the convenience of paying for only what you use. And running your workloads on the operating system SAP develops on, tests on, and uses in production can’t hurt. Not to mention the deployment automation SUSE provides along with Live-Patching, and High Availability functions baked into our SAP offering. But these are not the best reasons to move your SAP workloads to Google Cloud Platform with SUSE.

The best reason is… Committed Use Discounts!

What do Committed Use Discounts mean to you, our joint SAP customers? Simply put, you save money! On both your Google infrastructure and on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP software. And it is easy to enroll in the discount. You simply sign up and commit to a one or three-year term with 30 days to change your mind. Google bills you monthly during the term for the infrastructure and SUSE software,  with no up-front payment. You get CapEx pricing with OpEx convenience!

Here is a partial list of the benefits of using Committed Use Discounts:

  • CapEx pricing, OpEx convenience with no up-front costs
    • You save up to 64% on the SUSE software
  • Unified support to manage any issues – no guessing on who to call for help
  • Compliance is built-in. No worrying about whether the software installed on too many servers
  • Your SUSE subscription counts towards your Google spend commit

I think you will agree, Committed Use Discounts are the best reason to migrate your SAP workloads to Google Cloud Platform… and the technology rocks. ?


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