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It’s time you think about upgrading, from SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 to 5.5


SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 has been available since October 2, 2018. Many of our customers have migrated to the new release and many are evaluating it. If you’re currently running SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 you really need to start thinking about upgrading. There were many new features added and improvements made in release 5.5. Upgrading will also prepare you for future releases.

Here are some of the things we did in 5.5;
– Enhanced performance, security, and stability with embedded support for AppArmor and general performance and stability improvements.
– Easier to manage with next iteration openATTIC (Soon to be upstream Ceph Dashboard) and DeepSea management infrastructure. There’s now tighter integration with SUSE OpenStack Cloud and event notification has been added.
– There’s also expanded heterogeneous support for CIFS/Samba export of CephFS and support for non-SUSE Ceph RDB and CephFS clients.

And upgrading is easy. Just follow the instructions found here. Refer to section 5.5 of the Upgrade from Previous Release. The entire Deployment Guide can be found here, and everything you need to know about SUSE Enterprise Storage is here.

Why wait? And if you’re running SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 you may want to consider upgrading as well. Take advantage of 5.5 today. I would also recommend that you contact your SUSE or Partner Sales Team to let them know you’re upgrading. Keep them informed. I am sure they would want to help.


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