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Just three months ago, when we announced the SUSE acquisition of OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS assets from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), the excitement on both sides was palpable, and the industry response was fantastic.

We’ve made that official today by completing the transaction, and now it gets even more exciting for all of us here at SUSE – including our new colleagues coming from HPE – because this starts the next big chapter in our continuing growth and momentum.

As you’d expect in the open source world, acquisition is about people and the incredible passion and talent they bring to an organization.  And this acquisition brings a lot of new passionate and talented people to SUSE! I could talk about them all day but instead, let’s hear from some of them directly right here:

Jim Meyer, VP Engineering, Infrastructure as a Service, SUSE

“If I could be any tree, I’d be The Larch…THE LARCH…and if you’re a Monty Python fan you’ll get that.”

Watch the full video below


Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering, SUSE

“I do all of my cooking absolutely not by recipe because it’s the complete opposite of what I would be doing during my daily routine as a developer.”

Watch the full video below

I am incredibly excited to welcome the new SUSE colleagues you see in these videos, as well as the rest of the team that’s come over from HPE .  They each bring unique skills and experience, plus a strong commitment to the open source communities that are the foundation for our SUSE solutions. I have no doubt they will make a big impact here at SUSE and all of us are excited to have them on board.

This is just the beginning of another exciting chapter in SUSE growth so stay tuned!

Share with friends and colleagues on social media
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