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Is your datacenter futureproof?


Blame mobile devices. All of them. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, fitness trackers – anything that provides gives you data. As consumers, we are spoiled by personalized instant access to news, weather and sports, answers to random questions, information about products and services, calories we’ve consumed and burned, and constant contact with friends and family. It’s no surprise then that consumers have the same high expectations from their interactions with your business.

This is what the digital transformation is all about: transforming your business to focus first on your customers’ needs by delivering faster, more personalized services that are available whenever the customer needs them. 451 Research says that “Enabling digital transformation in terms of agility, analytics, and customer-centricity requires a technological shift”, and you know that means IT needs to transform as well. According to IDC, IT organizations are turning to alternative chip technologies like ARM® to enable this kind of specialization for a software-defined infrastructure (1). Why ARM? Well it’s because unlike traditional general purpose processors the ARM architecture:

  • is available in a wide variety of capabilities and processing power
  • enables lower power consumption and higher density at a lower cost
  • is licensed by ARM Limited to many vendors who can fabricate processors tailored to specific workloads
  • supports a wide variety of use cases from mobile and IOT devices, to storage, networking and HPC server systems

This kind of diversity is perfect for your existing infrastructure that needs to add specialization and flexibility for new workloads. SUSE is the leader in offering an enterprise-grade, commercially supported Linux distribution for ARM processors with the same enterprise hardening we deliver for POWER, x86-64 and z Systems technologies. That’s a huge advantage for you in terms of consistency when you need to deliver specialized service features in a diverse IT environment.

At SUSE we have a couple of ways for you to learn more about ARM and the Linux distribution we offer. To get an overview of the product, it uses and benefits click to register for the webinar titled “Futureproof your datacenter with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM” delivered on April 20th by Product Manager Jay Kruemcke. If you’re a solution provider more interested in technical details then also click to register for the webinar “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM – Grow Your Technical Knowledge” delivered by Technical Strategist Rob Knight on April 26th.

Now is the time to plan for the future of your datacenter.

(1) “Digital Transformation: Impact on the Datacenter” IDC Directions 2017 presentation by Laura Dubois, IDC Group VP IaaS, Computing, Storage and Infrastructure Software


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