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Is it Sunday yet?


Football season is in full swing. For my family, this time of year means lazy Sundays with football games playing on the TV all day long, and the smell of something tasty cooking in our crock-pot (see recipe idea below). My family loves to support our local team, the Seattle Seahawks, even if it is from the comfort of our living room.

Seattle Seahawks fans are something special. Known as “The 12th Man” or simply, “The 12s” you won’t meet a more dedicated fan base (this coming from a self-proclaimed 12…). We all share the same goal of supporting the team we love by making as much noise as we can to impact the game and to distract the other team.  It actually works – and at times, fans at the games have gotten so loud, it has even registered on the local Richter scale.

Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll has said “The 12s have an unparalleled impact on game days.” What that tells me is that the support of the 12s makes a difference each and every game, and the team feels it. As fans, we feel invested and our continued support is a constant – Always there, whether the team wins or loses.

12space needle

When you think about it, everyone needs support, especially your business. When you purchase a product, support of that product is essential. For SUSE customers, who have SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), you have a choice to make about what level of support you’re going to need. Because let’s be honest, the main reason you choose the enterprise version of a Linux distribution is for the support. Right?

You’ve got some choices to make:

  • You can subscribe to Standard or Priority Support, which gives you different levels of access to the support technicians.


  • If you need 24 x 7 mission critical support, you might need a Premium Support Engineer to be your own designated go-to guy (or “12”), who will become familiar with your technical environment and work with your in-house team to proactively maintain your systems.

Check out all of your Support options and choose the right level for your business. Let SUSE be your biggest fan and support you when you need it.



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