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Introducing Workgroup Cool Solutions


Heads up, all of you who love Novell’s workgroup products. We have created a new “super site” which presents Cool Solutions content being written for all of Novell’s awesome workgroup products, including Open Enterprise Server, GroupWise, and Novell Linux Desktop. The individual sites (and content vaults) for these products will still exist, but this new super site will surface the content for all three together in one place.

If you have NetWare/Open Enterprise Server and GroupWise (and tons of you do), this makes life a little simpler. Rather than having to keep up with separate sites, this new format lets you see everything at a glance. (OK, a very BIG glance…) And it will help you learn about the new features in other Novell workgroup products that you may be considering for your users.

All of you who are currently subscribed to any of these three newsletters will automatically begin receiving the combined newsletter, so you don’t need to worry about doing anything. If you are submitting Content for Rewards, just continue tagging it for the proper product (OES, GroupWise, or NLD). The editors will make sure it gets placed in the new site.


Workgroup Cool Solutions site

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