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Introducing SUSE Enterprise Storage 4


Foreword by Nils Brauckmann, Chief Executive Officer SUSE

“Wow!! Hasn’t time flown by since we announced SUSE Enterprise Storage 1 on February 17th 2015. Each release since then has demonstrated major leaps forward in functionality, quality and stability.

The latest major release of SUSE Enterprise Storage, version 4 is no exception and in my mind this is our biggest leap forward yet with the addition of production ready CephFS and a new management interface powered by SUSE’s newly acquired OpenATTIC.  SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 is the ideal solution for bulk, archive and large data Storage management. This biggest, highest growth, and most painful areas the datacentre is dealing with today.”


SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 is based on the Ceph Jewel release includes many new and updated features. As well as the afore mentioned CephFS support and the new open source management framework we have added multisite object replication and asynchronous block mirroring.

What are the benefits of this release to me you ask?

With SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 you can reduce capital and operational costs for your storage infrastructure with a truly unified block, object and files solution with production ready Ceph filesystem (CephFS) adding native filesystem access. We can help you cut you enterprise storage costs in half!

Considering 64 bit ARM? Well we’ve added support for that.

The new openATTIC based graphical user interface further simplifies management giving improved cost efficiency.

Long distance replication for block storage and multisite object storage replication enable enhanced data protection and improved disaster recovery.

Enhanced cluster orchestration using Salt simplifies storage cluster management.

Oh and you also get early access to NFS feature such as NFS Ganesha support and NFS access to S3 buckets.

What about those large data files you have that consume storage like it’s going out of fashion and are a nightmare to manage?

Well, as well as bulk unstructured data and archive, SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 is the ideal solution for “Large Data” Storage Management. You can simplify and scale without limitations the storage of large data file applications, such as; video surveillance, CCTV, online presence and training, streaming media, medical  (xrays, mammography, CT, MRI, etc.), seismic processing, genomic mapping, CAD and backup datasets.

You must have pumped the price up with all this new functionality?

Nope!! The pricing will not change for SUSE Enterprise Storage 4. However based on customer requests we have added a 5 year Premium Subscription SKU.

To find out more check out our up product page and resources.

Version 4 will be generally available on December 2nd why not grab a copy and trial it out.

Join us for our webcast on SUSE Enterprise Storage on November 17th.

Listen to the new SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 Chalk Talk.

SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 Press Release.





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