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This week on Cool Solutions we’re introducing a new feature: “Cool Blogs.” If you like our popular “From the Inside Out” articles that appear from time to time here on Cool Solutions, then you’re going to love this.

Cool Blogs are web logs from key Novell personnel who work on the product lines covered by Cool Solutions. These blogs come from the engineers, product managers, top-line support personnel and others who work on the Novell products that you know and love.

Each product line will have a small handful of Cool Bloggers, each of them discussing their aspects about these products and the technology space they occupy. Think of it as your opportunity to get inside the head of top flight Novell personnel and find out their perspective about what’s going on in their part of Novell.

It’s Dialog, not Monologue

Cool Blogs are more than merely a way to find out what a Cool Blogger is thinking. They’re a conversation in which you can engage directly through online comments.

These comments get mailed directly back to the Cool Blogger on whose blog you commented, and they will often respond to particularly insightful comments and suggestions, or sometimes even post a whole blog entry based on your ideas. If you’re familiar with our Cool Solutions rewards system, then you’ll also be pleased to know that Cool Bloggers even have some discretion to dole out Cool Points.

If your question is more in the vein of a technical support issue, the Cool Blogger may refer you to the support forums. (And that’s ALL about dialog…)

Syndication: Cool, and Really Simple

To make Cool Blogs easy to follow, we have implemented syndication through RSS. This makes each Cool Blog accessible through a feed URL that you can add to your preferred RSS reader. For example, I use a customized Google home page for my RSS feeds so I get my science feeds and my blogs feeds all in one consolidated view.

Example of entering an RSS feed onto a Google homepage, and what the Novell PR Blog looks like on it.

The RSS feeds on each Cool Blog allows you to subscribe to those Cool Blogs that you find most interesting. If you want to follow all of the Cool Blogs on a product line – say ZENworks, for example – then you can use the consolidated RSS feed for all the ZENworks-related Cool Blogs. Finally, if you’re a complete Novell devotee, then you can use the universal Cool Blog feed that provides each and every Cool Blog available in a single feed.

What to Expect from Cool Blogs, and When

As we ramp up the Cool Blog program here is what you can expect. We’re piloting the Cool Blogs program first on the ZENworks Cool Solutions site. On the ZENworks Cool Solutions site today, you will find Blogs from some of the ZENworks personalities you have come to know and love over the years (like Martin Buckley, Laurence Pitt, Mark Schouls, Ron van Herk andShaun Pond).
Next, expect to see some of the gurus of Novell’s identity management solutions show up on the new, consolidated Cool Solutions pages ( Secure Access Cool Solutions and Secure Identity Cool Solutions. And for all you “Wise-guys,” we’ve also got GroupWise coming up in the queue.

As we continue to build up the program over the next few months, we will add Cool Bloggers to cover the whole portfolio of Cool Solutions product sites.

Tell Us What You Think

The Cool Blogs program is a joint initiative of Novell, the Cool Solutions team, and Novell Users International. Since we’re just getting this program going, we encourage you to let us know what you think by sending your feedback to Cool Guys or Ted Haeger at thaeger at novell dot com (Ted Haeger is Director of User Communities at Novell)

Check it out today!

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