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Intel and SUSE’s Vision for the Data Center of the Future


IntelAttend the joint Intel-SUSE workshops to hear Intel and SUSE share their valuable experience on how you can harness the OpenStack cloud and software defined everything (SDx) for your own business. You will see a live demonstration of how fast and easy it can be to set up, configure and begin to deploy real workloads into your own OpenStack cloud. We will also demonstrate how fast and easy it is to configure and manage SUSE Enterprise Storage for all your software defined storage (SDS) needs.

The agenda includes:

  • What market and technology trends may impact your business
    • Why OpenStack should be on every CTO’s cloud shortlist
    • Why SDx is the future of the data center
    • OpenStack cloud and SDx – what is next for the data center of the future?
  • How to harness SDx within your own business
  • How to use cloud storage for OpenStack and data center transformation
  • Demo: fast and easy SUSE OpenStack Cloud and workload deployment
  • Demo: SUSE Enterprise Storage

At the end of the workshop you will also take away a free cloud installation appliance that can be used to get started with your own OpenStack private cloud.
The workshops will be held:


  • Poland Warsaw September 24
  • Spain, Madrid October 1
  • Nordics, Helsinki October 8
  • Germany, Nuremberg October 6
  • Turkey, Istanbul October 13 (press event after the workshop)


  • New York  September 16
  • Chicago September 29
  • Austin October 13
  • Los Angeles October 6
  • San Francisco October 8

To register for one of these workshops, please go to and select the country/city you would like to join.

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