Installing HP Web Jetadmin on SLES 10



Cannot install HP’s Web Jetadmin on SLES 10.


  1. Install SLES 10, I installed mine in a virtual environment so I only used the following Package Categories, “Server Base System”, “Novell AppArmor”, “Mesa” and “xorg-x11-libs”, though I will be running the system in command line only mode.
  2. Download the Jetadmin software from HP’s website, at the time of this writing the latest was wja81-3544-su.selfx, I put the software in /tmp directory.
  3. Setup the library links

    1. Login on the command line as root
    2. Enter “ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/”
    3. Enter “ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/”
    4. Enter “ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/”

  4. cd to the /tmp directory.
  5. I had to “chmod 774 wja81-3544-su.selfx”
  6. I then extracted the files using “/tmp/wja81-3544-su.selfx -e /tmp/wja81”
  7. Then execute “/tmp/wja81/setup -t” this will launch the text only install.
  8. After following the install prompts execute “/etc/init.d/hpwebjetd restart”.
  9. Launch YaST by typing yast2 on the command line:
    1. Select “Security and Users”, then “Firewall”
    2. Select “Allowed Services”
    3. Open the TCP and UDP ports 8000 and 8443 under Advanced.

  10. Launch your browser and point to http://host:8000 ( http://host:8000/ )

Note: I had to use Firefox Portable from because Firefox 2 was having fits with HP’s Web Jetadmin’s security settings.


HP Web Jetadmin 8.1
Firefox 1.5

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