As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, SUSE is committed to your success no matter the circumstances.

During this time, we have established a Business Continuity Committee and have in place the right infrastructure and processes to stay up and running for you. Our Global Services teams are on standby to assist you, as always, via chat, email or phone. We are transforming our flagship event, SUSECON 2020, to a purely virtual one – so you can still access keynote content and digital resources.

In keeping with the spirit of open source: and for as long as we are able, we are pleased to extend commercial assistance to any customer and non-profit that may be finding their operations disrupted in unexpected ways. If this applies to you, we are ready to support you with a range of options ready. All you have to do is contact your local SUSE account executive.

Specifically, again, for as long as we are able, should you be a customer in the government, airline, travel, transportation and tourism & leisure industries, we have a range of commercial incentives designed just for you. We would be delighted to share more details – please contact and a SUSE representative will get in touch right away.

Last but not least, please stay healthy and well. From all of us at SUSE: best wishes to you and yours.

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