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The following article has been contributed by Lei Chen, Linux Developer for High Availability Storage, HA team, SUSE China.




Last week, I had the honor to attend LinuxCon held in Beijing. It was the first time for this event to come to China. And along with the Linux conference, also ContainerCon and CloudOpen conference took place.

At the conference, attendees shared information and learned about the newest and hottest open source technologies. The main topics did include Linux kernel developing, cloud technologies, networking, microservices, containers, and many more hype and cool technologies.

Photo by Frank McKenna on Unsplash

Fortunately, at the conference, we had the chance to see and talk to several famous people of the huge and ever-growing Linux community – real people and not just e-mail addresses, such as the famous Linux creator and highest instance regarding all things kernel, Linus Torvalds , the ext file system  maintainer Theodore “Ted” Yue Tak Ts’o,  and many others.

As to the sharing of technologies, several keynotes impressed me a lot. Also the conference program featured highly valuable information. I liked especially the talk UEFI HTTP/HTTPS Boot from by Keng-Yu Lin, System Software Developer at HPE, who showed how to boot your computer with grub via http/https protocol. It is indeed a big step forward from PXE and makes it possible to boot your computer from a remote server through the Internet. If this technology were put into practice, it would certainly bring great convenience to us.

Virtualization and containers as dominant technology topics were most often talked about at this conference. Many different companies and communities are cooperating to make advancements on projects around these technologies. One of the presentations given by a Google employee introduced some details of Kubernetes (the prevalent open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications).

Photo by Dmitri Popov on Unsplash

She shared a lot of general information about this platform such as how its architecture looks like, how it works under the surface and how the network connecting various containers is organized. And she also delivered quite some insight into new features under development and proposed requirements.

After having attended this conference, I am now totally aware that the open source software is enriching and changing the world. We learn about new technologies and also share what we are working on. No matter what your gain or what you pay, it will make you proud.

For more information, just have a look here.

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