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IBM's New Servers Familiar Territory for SUSE


Today’s news that IBM was offering a new line Power Express line of servers with reduced pricing certainly got our attention.

It’s not just because the servers are certified to run SUSE Enterprise Linux 11. That’s cool, of course, and customers can also choose to run Red Hat or AIX on the machines as well.

Nor is it only the target audience. IBM is targeting the new products at businesses with over 100 employees, as well as businesses in emerging markets, an area of the IT sector that’s more than ready for the big data and virtualization capabilities these Power Express devices can bring.

No, what really caught out eye was the news that this new server line would be including hardware and software features adapted from IBM’s famous Watson supercomputer.

We’re pretty familiar with Watson here at SUSE. After all, SUSE Enterprise Linux is the OS on which Watson runs when it’s kicking butt and taking names on Jeopardy! or solving the latest health algorithms.

Because of our partnership with IBM, SUSE Enterprise Linux already is the fastest operating system to run on the Power7 processor, which made it a great choice for running on Watson.

The new Power Express servers won’t have all of Watson’s features, of course, but the features that are being shared in Power Express, such as the core customized software to analyze warehouses of data, the Hadoop configuration or IBM’s Cognos and SPSS software for business and predictive analytics are already familiar ground to SUSE Enterprise Linux Server.

The Power Express servers start at $5,947.

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