IBM On SUSE Gives SAP Users Fantastic TCO


Deploying enterprise software in any environment is a critical and potentially costly exercise, one that you want to make sure you get right the first time. But time marches on, and the inevitable upgrade has to be done.

An international manufacturing company recently put together its business case to select the most appropriate server hardware and software infrastructure for its SAP applications suite when it came time to expand their operations, and found that migrating from Unix to Linux would bring save nearly $2.2 million, or 70% in their total cost of ownership.

That’s the results of a new whitepaper study from Alinean, sponsored by IBM and SUSE, available with registration.

All told, the organization was looking to double the processing capacity of its original servers, and to accomplish this, the company considered two alternatives.

It looked at replacing its current UNIX/HP Integrity rx servers running Itanium processors, with the latest UNIX/HP Integrity BL servers using Itanium processors, and it investigated migrating its SAP applications suite to IBM Flex System servers with Intel Xeo E5 series processors running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications.

Their original HP-UX rx Server systems would cost $3,066,751 to operate over three years, the paper found. An HP-UX UL upgrade would cost much less—$1,183,831 over three years. But migrating its SAP applications servers to a SUSE Linux Enterprise/IBM Flex System environment would cost just $912,775 for three years’ operation.

There are more details in the whitepaper, of course, but this is yet another way SUSE, SAP and IBM can bring real savings and serious platforms to the enterprise.

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