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I want to be an OpenStacker!


I bet you have heard about OpenStack, especially if you have any interest in IT Infrastructure.

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If you have, and especially if you have not, there is a place to be this year: your local OpenStack Day. You can’t miss those events: they are almost everywhere, they are fun, they are interesting and you will get a chance to meet the engineers, the geeks, the gurus who are exploring, designing, coding IT’s future.

When I say those events are taking place everywhere, it is true. Only this August, I counted 25 different OpenStack events all over the world, from Taiwan to California, from Poland to New Zealand, from The Netherlands to Brazil … You can’t help but to find one close to where you live that you could attend. You can even go to Guadalajara and you will still have a bunch of OpenStackers playing with the code. Check out our events page and you can see which ones you can meet SUSE at.

The OpenStack project is global, the community has grown to more than 57,000 people in only 6 years! All the major companies are taking a closer look at OpenStack and the most innovative ones have already started implementing OpenStack Cloud.


Now you know about OpenStack, you are convinced, trained and motivated, you need to share THE EVENT with the community: the OpenStack SUMMIT in Barcelona October 25-28. You may have missed Atlanta, Paris, Vancouver, Tokyo au Austin, but don’t miss this one. Fly there next October to be part of it, feel the excitement, meet the experts, share the knowledge, profit from the expertise, enjoy the spirit, admire de challenges … This Must-Attend event is an amazing gathering of IT leaders, developers, contributors, customers from the five continents. It will be sunny outside and shining inside.

As a marketer, I will be there waiting for you in the SUSE booth. There will be bunch of us: developers, engineers, experts, R&D, sales, marketers … and we will love to show you SUSE OpenStack Cloud and why SUSE Linux is the Smart OS for OpenStack.

All of us have a role to play in the OpenStack Ecosystem and you will be one of us!


Excuse any grammatical errors – French is my first language, English my second!


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