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HPE rocked at SUSECON! Check this inside scoop of their time on stage with SUSE


Here we are closing up an amazing #SUSECON week full of awesome keynotes (yes plural), sessions and sponsors. Not to mention our awesome customers and partners.

In case you missed all the action (and let me tell you there is still some action) here is your HPE recap!

Gary Thome, HPE`s Chief Technologist for Software Defined and Cloud Groups, was on stage with our own Michael Miller, SUSE`s President of Strategy, Alliances & Marketing, and Ralf Flaxa, SUSE`s President of Engineering.

In a fun and relaxing atmosphere, Thome said that HPE shares SUSE view on how organizations need to employ a number of solutions from a number of vendors to get their unique mix of traditional, virtual, and cloud resources, and that HPE can support this journey with world-class transformational services.

Thome mentioned SUSE`s recent investment in HPE’s OpenStack talent and intellectual property and said the arrangement will accelerate development while maintaining continuity and experience.

He went on to mention that HPE keeps investing in other technologies in partnership with SUSE to help enable their vision of hybrid IT.

SUSE was the first software-defined storage offering, fully delivered from HPE and supported by Pointnext services, certified on HPE Apollo servers (unmatched storage density and the lowest cost per gigabyte) and more recently on HPE Synergy, the first composable infrastructure platform. Not to mention HPE Proliant and HPE Cloudline.

SAP is another important strategic partner for both HPE and SUSE and they were also present on stage yesterday.

On the Q&A session, several topics were discussed but the one I`d like to highlight here is that HPE is now SUSE’s first official Global Training Partner and HPE Education Services (part of Pointnext) will soon provide SUSE Training, as well as create and provide their own original content around HPE and SUSE for a number of topics, including Cloud/Helion, Storage solutions unique to HPE and more. Exciting times! Check this website to learn more: https://hpe.com/ww/learnsuse

You can watch HPE at the SUSECON Keynote HERE and also check HPE`s Blog for a full view on their presence including sessions and demos.

At suse.com/hpe you will have everything you need to keep up to date with our joint solutions.

Thanks for reading this one. 🙂

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