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HPC is no longer the sole domain of well-funded research institutions. Organizations of all sizes want to process large volumes of information in ways that help them improve business outcomes, innovation and competitiveness.

HPE and SUSE are on it!


Since 2003, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has been bundled as a native install option for SGI supercomputers and servers. And today, the SUSE Linux Enterprise operating system is the preferred OS for all HPE HPC environments.



The combined SUSE-HPE solution is secure and resilient, easy to use, and scalable. It is a cost-effective choice that doesn’t compromise on high performance or data availability.

With its acquisition of SGI, HPE now leads on both super-computing (high-end) space, formerly led by SGI, and enterprise space offering a full portfolio of best-of-breed HPC software that works with the SUSE HPC Moduled to allow you to run massively parallel and HPC workleads easily.




From entry-level to the world’s most advanced production supercomputer


HPE offers one of the largest portfolios of servers for HPC computing in the world:


Fresh news on Arm-based Solutions


HPE, Arm, SUSE, and three leading UK universities established one of the largest Arm-based supercomputer deployments in the world to advance digitisation of UK economy. Read Jay Kruemcke`s Blog and the HPE Press Release for more details.


HPC Storage


Learn more about how SUSE Enterprise Storage works with HPE Data Management Framework to provide the constant, bidirectional flow of data that HPC systems often demand, and a tiered repository of both input and output data. Watch our joint webinar.


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