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7 Customers Running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC


Below a list of benefits achieved by each HPC customer running SUSE Linux Enterprise for HPC. Click on logo to access more information on the customer use case.



  • Increased stability and performance of messaging systems
  • Ensured enterprise-class availability
  • Low maintenance/monitoring effort: 10,000-user email system managed by just two engineers

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  • Able to reach important segments of the market with this technology partnership
  • The Bright and SUSE partnership enables the ability to meet the requirements of the most complex and most demanding computing environments


  • Boosted stability, performance and computational power
  • Enabled users to perform more complex and demanding research and development activities
  • Contributed to optimal price-performance through small OS footprint

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  • Implemented largest cache-coherent shared-memory system in the world
  • Delivered outstanding performance for over 1300 researchers working on 373 projects
  • Operated without a security incident while providing open access to systems


  • Raised computational performance, enabling faster simulations
  • Enabled 10-times increase in computing capacity
  • Optimized price-performance, keeping TCO as low as possible
  • Boosted overall performance by a factor of 50, making SuperMUC the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the fourth fastest worldwide when it went into production
  • Simplified system configuration with leading automation tools such as AutoYaST
  • Improved energy efficiency with advanced power saving features, providing 20 times more performance per watt than the previous environment
  • Enables smooth migration from Itanium 2 to x86 processor architecture


  • Expanded user capacity from 100 to more than 10,000 students
  • Increased computing power by 200%
  • Increased computing power by 200%
  • Improved competitiveness, making its supercomputer capabilities number one in Asia

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