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How SUSE Empowers our Partners


Here at SUSE, we cater to learners. Taking an open source approach, we are sharing, enabling, and empowering our partner community with the knowledge that our passionate subject matter experts have. The start of a new year is the right time to sharpen your skills and build a strong knowledge base on open source technologies.

Of course, I am aware that SUSE isn’t the only technology company that might be vying for your very limited time. And that’s why I wanted to do a round-up some of the things that we have to offer you that you might not know about.

Containers & Kubernetes

Today, five to ten percent of all enterprise applications are containerized. According to Forrester, over the next three to four years, this will grow to over 50 percent.

We believe that we have the right technology with Rancher, a full software stack that gives you everything you need to adopt and run containers in production with Kubernetes.

Taking into account that Kubernetes isn’t a technology that you can install and forget, rather a multi cloud container platform, partners who can offer the supporting consulting services to help organizations containerize and speed up deployment of their applications will be in high demand.

To support partners who are looking to scale up expertise in this area, we have a program in place to get you up to speed quickly:

  • Technical training is available as an online self-paced course and there is also an accompanying certification.
  • EMEA-based partners can register for our quick-start sales or technical sessions (delivered in three one-hour webinars across dates in February and March). Registration is required (partners only). Partners in other regions, stay tuned, we’ll be announcing sessions suitable for your time zone soon.
  • What if you don’t have, or don’t want to, focus on services? We still need partners to sell and provide MSP offerings around the SUSE Rancher products. And, we’ll happily pair you up with a services savvy partner that may not want to sell or manage.  Here at SUSE we believe in empowering and connecting our partners for impactful solutions for our mutual customers. That’s the Power of Many. Together as One!


Since 2000, SUSE has been established at SAP’s LinuxLab – the technology hub where SAP, Linux distributors, hardware, virtualization and cloud partners work together to ensure that SUSE works with all the components you would need to build a complete solution around SAP.

Through more than two decades of co-engineering and close collaboration with SAP, we have developed a SUSE One Partner Solution Stack comprised of a set of customizable, modular automation blocks (Infrastructure-as-Code) that simplify deployment of the SAP application landscape to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, as well as other cloud and on-premises environments that support Libvirt virtualization.

This modern approach to deployment and infrastructure management will reduce errors, improve supportability, and strengthen compliance with SAP best practices.

This Partner Solution Stack gives our SERVICE and MANAGE partners the chance to integrate these automation blocks into their own SAP service practices, improving customer satisfaction while making the move to SAP stress-free.

We’ll be hosting timezone-friendly webinars to show you how you can use these infrastructure-as-code blocks in your service offerings:

In the meantime, you can get a flavor of what is offered via this blog written by our technical guru, Peter Schinagl for Microsoft –  Deploying SUSE SAP HA Automation in Microsoft Azure.

If you’re looking to add to your knowledge for cloud deployments specifically, then I’d recommend watching these videos:

Blogs from our Technical Experts

Finally, our Engineering and Support teams also publish regular blogs that deep dive into specific topics.

Here is just a taster:

You will find more by going to the SUSE blog and searching by product or solution.

Enabling our partners to speak about, demonstrate, deploy or support SUSE technologies is something that we are really honing in on this year. We welcome any suggestions you have on how we can get the knowledge from our experts in your hands faster and more efficiently.

This open source community stands for continuous learning and collaboration so you have a solid foundation for your innovations. If you aren’t already a partner, join us, and let’s learn and build success together.


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