Setup Process:

Step #1 – Configure the desktop to automatically login.

  1. Launch YaST or YaST2
  2. Click on System–>Sysconfig Editor–>Desktop–>Displaymanager–>displaymanager_autologin
  3. Enter the username used in logging into the desktop.

Now after the workstation is rebooted, the workstation should automatically do a local login to the desktop.

Step #2 – Configure the Novell Client for Linux to automatically login.

Option A: Use a script

  • Edit and append the following lines to the /home/<username>/.profile.
NOTE: Lines in bold (found at the beginning) should be changed with your specific information


SERVER="<dns or IP>"


EDIR_USER="<edir user>"


EDIR_USER_CONTEXT="<edir context for user>"

MAPLOCATION="<map location and name>"

loggedIn="$(nwconnections | sed -n "/[0-9]/p")"

if [ $(whoami) == "$USER" ]; then
        if [ -z "$loggedIn" ]; then
                echo "=========`date` ================" >> /tmp/mylogin.log
                /opt/novell/ncl/bin/nwmap -d $MAPLOCATION -s SERVER -v $VOLUME -u $EDIR_USER -p $EDIR_PASWORD-c $EDIR_USER_CONTEXT 2&1 >> /tmp/mylogin.log
        echo "$(whoami) does not match user $USER" >> /tmp/mylogin.log

Option B: Setup Integrated Login

AutoAdminLogon is now setup.

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