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Most people probably run a webserver, for example a webaccess server. Apache default uses a self-signed SSL certificate which is created during the installation of Apache.

The disadvantage to this is that when people access your secure website they get a error that the certificate cannot be validated because of an untrusted Certificate Authority (CA). This does not mean the site isn’t secure, you know that, I know that, but for normal users it looks like your company doesn’t have a secure site.

In Internet Explorer 8 there is a new security feature which is enabled by default for every new window that is opened and the user has to accept the certificate. This is really annoying, for example a webaccess where you open a Email in a new Window. By the way, with Firefox you don’t have this problem after you have once accepted the certificate during a session.

On you can read how to secure your Apache Webaccess server with a SSL certificate from godaddy.

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