How to order a Pepperoni Pizza with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Point of Service


I am proud to present the latest SLEPOS Novell BrainShare 2010 video:

Joachim Werner, Novell Senior Product Manger for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Point of Service 11 demonstrates the PCMS BeanStore Retail Application running on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and JavaPOS using an IBM Kiosk system with a Touch Screen and attached POS Devices.

Please note that SUSE LINUX Enterprise Point of Service is not only target for “RETAIL”. SLEPOS feature a YaST2 based ImageCreator using KIWI, Image Deployment and Mangement tools to install SLE OS images to any type of HW from the Data Center to Banking and Retail. The POS client can be DC server systems, POS terminals, diskless systems like Thin Clients, PC Desktops, etc.

For further information please refer to the point of services information available at or please contact me.

Enjoy the video,


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